The warranty is only applicable if the item does not comply. This warranty is applicable from the day of receipt and must be demonstrable with an invoice or delivery note.

Using too much force when assembling the greenhouse and thus forcing the components can lead to damage. Vou are only entitled to warranty if the assembly and maintenance of the greenhouse has been carried out in accordance with the assembly instructions and if the greenhouse has been used correctly.

In addition, we offer a 2 - 5 - 10 year warranty on the aluminium profiles in case of damage that has been caused by defects in the material or construction defects. Also we offer a 2 - 5 year warranty on the panels and 2 years on the base.

  Aluminium profiles Panels  
Greenwall 2 2 Years
Ecostar 2 2 Years
Foreststar 5 2 Years
Biostar 5 2 Years
Prestige 10 5 Years
Four seasons 10 5 Years
Elite 10 5 Years
Orangerie 10 5 Years
Empire 10 5 Years

Gardenmeister is not responsible for damage caused by natural influences such as wind, hail, snow or storms. Natural wear, polycarbonate, glass or transport damage are excluded from warranty, as well as damage that has been caused by the use of other materials than the original ones, mechanica! damage, the influence of chemicals or other matters that harm the product, natural disasters or assembly that differs from the assembly instructions, as stated before.

Further claims and consequential damage are also excluded from warranty. The warranty is not extended by possible repairs. Any claims for consequential damage will not be dealt with. Gardenmeister reserves the right to determine how to deal with warranty claims. Warranty claims must be presented in writing.

Safety glass

Safety glass is extremely safe for children because it falls apart into blunt pieces when breaking. Although the glass delivered with your greenhouse has been sanded around the edges, we do advise you to use protective gloves when unpacking and placing the glass to prevent any cuts to your fingers. The glass has been packaged in a highly secure way in a wooden box.


To guarantee a faultless product, we meet strict quality requirements. Should you carne across any defects, please contact Gardenmeister immediately. Please ensure that you specify the defect by providing the model name, component number and photos, as well as the order number.

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